Predictions for 2008 are a popular topic. Here are a few:


  • Digg’s quality of news continues to drop, Internet adopts the phrase “Ubuntu” for social spam.
  • Semantic web won’t be as interesting as a single, well thought-out website.
  • RSS continues to face stiff competition from “bookmarks”, the “refresh button”, and “links”.
  • I will continue to be upset with myself for not owning Apple stock, despite owning everything else Apple-branded. Maybe if it was iStock idMake more iMoney.
  • Season 4 of Lost will be like chewing gum for breakfast: it will slowly lose taste, and leave me unnourished. I will still watch it each Wednesday they let me.


  • The earth will near the sun, and I will open my sunroof.
  • The Tumblr community continues to grow, and adds a way for me to discover more tumblogs.
  • Xbox 360 adjusts their video rental pricing in response to Apple iTV2, and earns my business.
  • I finally beat any Metallica song in Rock Band on hard.
  • A Boston-based startup involving yours truly makes waves.