Tonight’s series of events culminated in a “perfect storm”: everything about it went wrong, in just the right way.

My friend Carla and I have been training (somewhat haphazardly) for what will be our first half-marathon. Realizing we are a bit behind schedule for our Memorial Day race, Carla smartly encouraged doing a boundary-pushing run tonight.

She bought new shoes, we made our playlists, and began a beautiful evening run around the Charles river. Launching from Harvard square, we left everything ‘unnecessary’ (wallet, keys, cash) in my car. Whoops.

Around mile 4 on the Longfellow bridge, the weather turned. “Do we keep running in the rain,” we wondered. Without access to the T, cabs, etc, the decision was made for us.

Bound in, we bound on.

Mile 6 the rain turns to intense downpour. Running devolves to slogging through puddles, puddles that we could no longer distinguish from our waterlogged sneakers, shorts, skin or bone.

Finally back on the river, mile 7 added startling lightning & thunder to the mix. Since we couldn’t become anymore wet or exhausted, we opt to skip shelter a second time.

Harvard comes back into sight at mile 8, and the sky clears. We end our 8.3 mile run with some stretching before driving off….

Someone forgot to close his sunroof.

Causalities of the run? One new pair of sneakers, now thoroughly broken in, perhaps a leather seat or two, and the ear-piece to my iPhone (however, I’m hopeful)

Carla and I are unfazed. It was the longest run for the both of us, and it was far more memorable than we might have guessed. I’m confident we can handle the race, rain or shine.

But please, someone remind me to check my sunroof!

special thanks to Starbucks for free ice-water. In spite being in a state of human-sponge, the drink hit a spot the rain couldn’t!