Amazon has announced Kindle. It’s sort of the ultimate eReader: great dispaly, good form factor, and best of all, it's always connected. I probably can’t stress how important that is, but if we believe we are entering the new world of ubiquitous computing, this is a good sign. There is no contract or recurring service fee. If you want a book, you buy a book, and you receive it via cell EVDO connection in minutes. If you want to look something up on Wikipedia, you have the entire thing in your hand.

Is this as fantastic as my iPhone? It’s close. The iPhone can technically do much of the same stuff, but the Kindle is _designed_ to replace books, and wherever books fit, so ought Kindle. I know it’s hard not to think of your laptop as the be-all end-all information device, but if we just posit for a second that EVERY object will one day be online, wouldn’t we still want different objects? I think so: navigating my physical space to perform a function is a viable alternative to navigating links & folders. Whatever works works.

 If anyone has $400 to burn, I’ll happily accept Kindle as a present this season.