Dear Larry #1 & Larry #2,, like many other startups, uses Java, and in-spite of the trend towards dynamic cotton-candy languages, I still love the overly verbose jTongue, if for nothing else than it’s static typing system and amazing catalogue of libraries.

Larry #1: I know Google invests heavily in Java technologies, and with good reason: it’s the best way to make maintainable large-scale suites of websites. I love your open source Java library contributions, and use them actively.

Larry #2: I can’t imagine you give a flying-duck about Java. I suspect it wasn’t relevant to Oracle’s acquisition of Sun, and I’d understand (though be disappointed) if Oracle let Java languish.

Larry #1: Larry #2 isn’t incentivized to grow Java (see above). PLEASE, is there anyway you could be persuaded to take Java “off their hands”? It would mean a lot to our jCommunity in the long run.

Thanks in advance,

- Aaron