“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results”

-Albert Einstein

You: “Einstein?  I thought this was a job posting.“

Indeed it is, but Einstein sums up why Boundless Learning exists:  we are building a different type of company to take on a insane, and massive, incumbent industry in a way that has never been done before. If you want to be part of the early team embarking on a challenging, exciting, and impactful then keep reading….

The Team

For us, it is about enjoying the journey, not just the destination. And the most important part of enjoying the journey is of course the team.  So before we tell you about the job and what we do, let us tell you about ourselves. 

A quick Google and LinkedIn search will show you the background of  the great team of founders (Ariel Diaz, Aaron White, and Brian Balfour) and investors (Founder Collective, SV Angel, Nextview Ventures, and Kepha Ventures) that we have assembled.  But here are some things that you won’t find in any of our blogs or profiles:  We are insanely competitive, have a strange obsession for the color orange, run marathons, occasionally LARP*, go on man-cations, think we were a Civil War general in a former lifetime, and aspire to own a pet sloth.  

In all seriousness, combined we have started 6 companies, raised $15M+ in funding from tier-one investors, built products that have reached over 110 million consumers, and are ready to take on our biggest idea yet.  

Why join us?

You: “Ok Ok.  That sounds sweet because I LARP too!  So what is this massive industry you speak of?”   

Us: “Great question.  Here it comes…Education!“

You: “Education?  Seriously? “

Damn right, education.  Education is a $650+ Billion dollar industry, ripe for disruption. We are building a company that aligns ourselves with the actual customer, the students.  We aren’t optimizing prep-tests, renting textbooks, or selling t-shirts. We are approaching this from the ground up, with a nothing-to-lose attitude. When we succeed, education will look very different.   

Want more details? Then come talk to us.  We’ll buy you a beer (or fancy martini if that’s what you prefer).

Join Us

We are looking for a Lead Engineer to be part of the foundation of the team. Someone who is:

  • Happily employed & a top performer, but wants something more.
  • Passionate about startups and big challenges.
  • Ready/Eager to wield Scala, NoSQL & ingenuity to tackle hard problems
  • a “jack of all trades” - comfortable from /command-line to $(”.wherever")
  • wants to be part of, and build, a great company & culture

If these qualities describe you, and you want to drop some knowledge on the education industry with us, then email me: [email protected]

*BTW….we were joking about the LARPing…..maybe.