Video gaming is in the middle of a renaissance right now.

Karaoke Revolutions & Rock Band have wide, and immediate appeal. Dance Dance Revolution and Wii-Fit bring your whole body into the entertainment experience. Portal has brought a wild new perspective to the chronically stale 3D, First Person Shooter.

Today, I’ve been playing “Braid”, which is one part side-scroller, two parts oil painting, three parts time-machine, and six parts mind-bending. This game, like the others mentioned, MUST be played. The developers are very proud to have created an experience that is fun, challenging, and never resorts to repeating itself (although, since the core mechanics is solving puzzles via time control, you will most certainly repeat yourself)

It’s exciting to watch today’s video games are broaden and change. If they aren’t cemented in people’s minds as a casual, social diversion not unlike cards, we’re not far off.