Had a great discussion with my friend Anand today. In college he said that if we could just get people to think about sustainability, we’d all be in a much better place. I’m happy to report that “sustainability” & “green” is now at least in everyone’s vocabulary.

One thing I find fascinating, is that it can still be a good thing when business pays lip service to green.

Suppose McDonald’s makes some claim that they’ve gone green by developing frying oil in a new way. Even if they made it up, just to ‘ride the wave’, they’ve spent money making people aware of green, and they’ve implicitly declared “This is something we’re willing to compete on”.

So when Burger King comes along and enters the public debate, by showing how they are more green, and more relevant, the trend in the long run will be towards being truly more green. (Gotta love that invisible hand thing)

You might call it fake-it-till-you-make-it, and that’s fine. You’ll just be green with envy while I’m eating my green-fries with my green-burger, that I’ll wash down with my green-coke. Mmmhmm…