Coming up with a cool, unregistered domain name can be as frustrating as playing whack-a-mole on the moon, and you forget to bring the mole (and even if you had remembered, moles are extinct. And their closest genetic relatives are even more bizarre looking).

Worry no more! At our super-secret-startup-world-headquarters, we invented (or stumbled on) a solution…

Google Captcha codes make great domain names.

 Here’s how it works:

  1. Logout of Gmail
  2. Begin signing up for a new Gmail account 
  3. Keep failing the captcha test
  4. Record cool captchas

 Here are some gems it produced for me yesterday:

  • Weepo
  • Trampl
  • Sperfect
  • Oveo
  • CSJam
  • Bookstr
  • Prepure
  • Supsomi
  • Jurflobi
  • Nowski
  • Dineduck
  • Dozory

Amazingly, 50% of these were available for immediate purchase.

Well, that number has changed because I’m now the proud owner of 

Jurflobi is still up for grabs if you need it.