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AOK Apple Calendar

Here, the German agency, Serviceplan has exploited the concept of “an apple a day for better health” on behalf of the insurance company AOK and has come up with an amazing wall calendar shaped dispenser that holds up to 31 apples in a Plexiglas tube resistant UVA and UVB. The AOK insurance company has very well brought the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” To life in a very attractive way. In the beginning of the month there are 31 apples in this UVA-and UVB-resistant Plexiglas. You remove one apple from the tube and eat it each day and give a boost to your health. The rest of the move up and reveal the date on a calendar fastened behind the apples. Same goes on each month depending on the number of days, the number of apple varies. Hanging smartly on the walls of your room the apple calender will remind you of having an apple each time you look at it to know the date.

<sarcasm> Mmmm, I love 30 day old apples. So delicious! </sarcasm>

I think I’d be better served by the 7-day version as well. Nice kitchen/office concept though; anything that automates success = win.