Culture Bending

Which of your friends has bizarre taste in progressive music? The one who is so passionate about something you never find enjoyment in. How did he up that way? Are his ears broken?

It’s a matter of context & progression. If you want someone to appreciate something new, don’t start by exposing them to the cutting edge and complex. Ease them into it, perhaps along the same progression you followed.

Your ears & mind simply have to adjust.  The idea is to bend, as fast as possible, but without breaking. 

Popular music producers & musicians seem to have this innate ‘feel’ for where the cultural base-line is.  They know how to create music by bending old music just so: enough to stand out, but not enough to scare you away. They do this over and over, with great success.

Culture bending is not radical, but is successful because it leverages all the power of what is popular, and provides a way to stand out. It applies to music, movies, books, fashion, and ideas

 What does it take to know, like successful music producers, the difference between bending and breaking?