I was known in college for having long, bizarre, and highly detailed dreams.

Academically, I wasted my first semester at Carnegie Mellon. I would sleep from 9AM until 5PM everyday (I started as a physics major, and hated it). Whichever friend was lucky enough to wake me up for dinner, would be privy to an epic retelling of that day’s dream. It was a great source of entertainment.

Describing your dreams as you wake up is the only way to capture the detail, and even then it is extremely hard. So, I’ve decided to start a new experiment and write my dreams down when I wake. You can find them at http://dreamr.tumblr.com. I don’t want to flood my regular followers, friends and family here on my main blog with each dream.

I hope to write every morning that I can remember a dream, and usually have no idea what they mean. I’ve added a comment system in case you do.