Effectivity & the New Year

Technology and the internet bring us a million little hacks and tools to make us more efficient. After two minutes of googling, you can shave seconds off of any task, no matter how meaningless it is. There’s an allure to tackling small things, putting quick triumphs under your belt. Of course, no matter how fast you can plug leaks, your ship may still be sinking. There is no need to worry about efficiency until you’ve understood the gap between yourself and your goal.

I resolve two things this year. Each month I will visibly post concrete goals in my room, and each week I’ll take an hour to measure the effectiveness of my approach. 

It’s the kind of meta-resolution that will pay dividends reliably and frequently. I’m bullish on it.

post scriptum:

I have a love/hate relationship with New Years and its resolutions. I love that it brings the focus back on positive self-growth. “I will get in better shape this year”, “I will manage my finances better”, etc. It’s disappointing that this process only occurs once per year, and is failed and forgotten within weeks (watch the foot traffic at your gym for the next month for a visceral case-in-point).