I used to have a Facebook flyer, and now I have some sort of a social ad, and in both cases, I’m trying to hire a web designer, and thought it’d be interesting to post a flyer/social ad, targeting people in Boston who are college grads (a very wide group).

I plan to run my ad for 30 days, as I’m running the same campaign over other various places, all for 30 days. I’ve mentally set a budget of 300 dollars for 30 days per site I post at. 

I set a daily budget of $10 dollars (300/30 = 10), and used the default bid for impressions (.50 cents, and why not just use the default, defaults are important, and no data was provided to me to help me pick any different number).

So far this ad has been running for 1 week, and has gotten 0 impressions, giving Facebook 0 of my dollars.

Given that this is a $300 experiment for me, Facebook ought to be able to realize ALL 300 of it, by helping me adjust my bidding up or down, or providing SOME feedback letting me know why it isn’t being shown (based on data, not on FAQ). I’d be willing to bid all 10 dollars of my daily budget per impression if that was the ONLY way to use up my budget (Then at the end of 30 days, I’d decide if it was worth it or not depending on my results) Obviously Facebook auto-adjusting my bid down from there would be great.

I imagine I’m not the only one running a budgeted Facebook ad experiment given the introduction of the new ad platform. So if you ran a query over all ads that had fixed daily budgets, but 0 clicks/impressions over their lifetime, you could determine how much possible advertising budget Facebook was missing out on. 

And it might simply be because the advertising UI isn’t helping me figure out how to get my ad shown. Or perhaps better instructions. Or something.

So how can I give Facebook my $300?