After seven hours of sleepless internet surfing, I’ve uncovered a few great new blogs to add to my RSS reader. There is one major problem:

Am I ever going to read them?

When I open my feed-reader each morning, I have about 120 posts to sort through. Most of the time I spend just mashing the spacebar, as I scan the title and whip past the chaff, searching for the wheat (rice & meat if you prefer).

The problem is, depending on the sort-order-de-jour, I may have feed-fatigue by the time I get to the really good articles. I’m very likely to skip them at this point.

This is a psychological problem, and I’m confident the solution is part technical, and part behavioral.

What I think I need is:

  1. RSS reader that understands the difference between Content/Articles vs. News. vs Social News. Some days I want gossip, some lunches I want diversion, some afternoons I need news.
  2. RSS reader that removes redundant information from my reader stream. Yes, I know Digg/TechCrunch/ReadWriteWeb/GigaOM all have the scoop. I need to read only one.
  3. Why can’t my feed reader actually talk back to me? Example: “Aaron: every time this site publishes news, you just skip it faster than you could possibly have read it. Why don’t we drop it from the list, together.” I could use a virtual news assistant! Also: “You know Aaron, all those tech sites report the same news, but you spend more time reading articles from ReadWriteWeb, how about we just drop the rest?”
  4. An app that bridges RSS reading seamlessly across my iPhone & laptop.
  5. Scheduling my reading time more appropriately based on content type and time of day

That’s an excellent start. I need a partner in news-consumption. I don’t have time to manage and shepherd my RSS feeds, and I don’t want to. So please, let the computer do it for me. 

RSS companies are in a crowded space, working with an unfortunately small market due to the worst named consumer technology ever (R-S-S?! C'mon!) However, if I find the right feed reader that will let me enjoy my content, instead of providing me more tools to ‘actively manage’ (aka second job), I’ll be sure to post it here.