I have a lot of ideas. Some good, some bad, some big, some small, some I’m willing to share, and some I keep for myself.

This is the first edition of “Free Idea”, where I will post ideas I’m willing to share. I share them because I believe there is value, but I know I won’t get around to implementing it. Kudo’s to you if you do!

Idea 1: [good, small]

I love my “Flow” desktop on my Mac (along with everyone else running Leopard?) However, I would gladly give up my beautiful background image if instead it was an update-to-date view of my iCalendar for this month.

It would be really convenient to see it “by accident” when I use Expose, or working with something on the desktop, much like in the olden days of the ‘real world’ where your desk-pad was your calendar.

 This would save me from having to remember to open iCal, and would give me just enough of a “sixth-sense” about what was coming up in my schedule.

This might be as easy as an AppleScript that reads iCal, generates an image, and sets it to my background any time iCal changes, or the month changes.

If you build it, let me know!