From TurningArt to StayingArt, or How I Bought My First Original Piece of Art.

I’m a huge fan of TurningArt, which is often described as “Netflix for Art”. It’s allowed me to sample all sorts of different art without ever committing to it. (And for a material-phobic minimalist, it’s a slam dunk; own without owning!)

Lately, I’ve been sporting a print-likeness of Christian Bale / Patrick Bateman from American Psycho, one of my favorite movies (don’t read *too* much into it…)

Over a bottle of wine at the Boundless office, good friend Matt Hodgson (CTO TurningArt) was explaining the broader vision: connecting art-novices with great pieces of art. For the tepid, that starts as prints, and for those that find a piece that speaks to them: an original.

Maybe it was the wine, or maybe it was Matt’s great story telling, but I took the leap and upgraded from print to the original “Psycho American” by Hector Sandoval Jr.

And while I’m plugging his service, what made it an easy decision is how TurningArt credits your cumulative monthly subscription costs against original artwork you buy. How cool is that? 

Now I need to find a new wall to continue my art rotation, until another piece “sticky” enough comes along!