Google App Engine ported to Amazon's EC2

This is cool! I spent time digging into Google App Engine this weekend so I could get a better sense of who it’s for, and what it’s intended for hosting. The Internet speculated a port to EC2 was possible, and I’m glad it’s been proven so quickly.

This now sets the appropriate stage for how & why the App Engine will be used, it’s a social question not a technological one. The App Engine is going to be a great way to deploy Facebook, OpenSocial Apps, and a variety of other high-risk / high-fun endeavors produced by highly enthusiastic individuals. *Companies* and *Ventures* will remain thrilled, and well serviced, by EC2

Editors Note: Google still has some secret sauce in here. They claim scaling is transparent, the Datastore is sublime, etc. I have no doubt that over time these benefits can be integrated into App Engine running on the AWS platform.