Hipsters are the Future

Imagine a kind of Eloi-esque utopian future, where all of our physical needs are met (either by a stable economy, or by the Morlocks). In this world, what is left for us to do?

What’s left is culture: art, music, writing, gaming, fashion, story-telling, video, crafts, etc. Culture will always evolve.

The Internet is getting us to this utopian world sooner rather than later. The barrier has never been lower for ideas to find an audience. If your real-world friends find you interesting, the internet will find hundreds, thousands, and maybe even millions of people like them to appreciate your ideas just the same. 

So while one group of people develops our economy and our infrastructure, advancing us towards complete technological mastery (the Morlocks), a second larger group (the Eloi/hipsters) will far more rapidly advance our culture.

Websites that grease the cultural exchanges will become increasingly important, connecting the average creative to the appreciative observer.  The most successful will piggy-back monetary exchange (Etsy anyone?)

So take heart hipsters, you are the future! For the rest of us, let’s appreciate their contributions now, because when the rest boils away, that’s what will remain.