I try to play it legit. I purchase my content on iTunes, I watch shows on Hulu, but still I stray into the realm of media piracy.


Because I don’t care to own the media, I just want to watch it. This makes iTunes an expensive indulgence. Hulu seems like a reasonable substitute, however I can’t watch that content on my ludicrously expensive home-theatre hardware. How dumb is that? Boxee had solved it, Apple could solve that, Microsoft wants to solve that…

But guess what?

The only reasonable path to watching network shows on my high-def screen: pirating the un-drm’d bits via bit-torrent, and piping them into my TV (In this case off a networked attached drive and through my XBox).

So after long abstaining from piracy, you, you stupid media companies, you have pushed me to return to my evil ways.

Thanks a bunch.