My day got off to a good start: 75 degree weather in Boston, and met a few more interesting entrepreneurs at Open Coffee in Central Square. Unfortunately, when I left to meet my friend Adam for lunch, I noticed my car was missing; Towed! (I’ll spare the details, but know that the city of Cambridge will be hearing from me)

Despite that, I enjoyed a nice walk & lunch in Kendall Square & Beacon Hill with the excellent Conduit Labs guys. From there, I began a two mile mini-epic to retrieve my car. A few hours, $100 dollars and a busted e-brake later, I have my baby (G35 6MT Coupe) back. 

Driving to my office in Waltham, I spot my favorite car: the Audi R8.


The driver was asking for directions, so I pulled alongside and offered an assist. We pulled over, and I helped him program the nav. (The car has a beautiful interior, fully suede ceiling!)


The driver was Pini Swissa, a hair stylist (and very nice gentleman). He had the car on loan from a friend. The owner of the car? Mr. Tom Brady of the New England Patriots.

So this was my “brush” with the Audi R8. After the trouble retrieving my car, this was a great karmic-reward, and plenty of inspiration for why you should follow your dreams. Some dreams are capable of paying for really hot cars.  

So if there any more Audi R8 drivers out there that need help with their navigation systems, my services are available: [email protected]