Ok, I’ve beaten this horse before, and I’ll continue to do so whenever the urge arises…

Dear Internet & her Developers: Just because some app-platform is half-closed, half-proprietary, or a ‘walled garden’ does not make it bad. The reflexive cry of “but it’s not open!” falls on my deaf ears.

Walled gardens are just fine, thank you. If someone has a vision, and control is needed to execute to it, then that’s the way it is! Presumably the world will be a better place after that vision is realized than it was before. The net-effect of the introduction of the walled garden is positive.

When walled vs. open matters is when you have two services or two products that are reasonable substitutes. It’s in this scenario, that you can reflexively cry “open!” and I’d be forced to agree.

But how often does that happen, really? Is there a perfect substitute for Facebook? Not to my knowledge, so I find myself sitting-pretty inside their (hopefully) benevolently dictated zone.

My call-to-yall: open is not always greater than closed. Let’s applaud companies that focus on creating value, before we consider them in the light of open vs. closed.