I always have ideas. About everything. I’m constantly - literally - either coming up with new ones or working on developing existing ones. […] I struggle with how to best use my time. Because my brain is contantly running, most of my projects never end up finished because I jump over to a new one or an old one that has re-sparked my fancy. Does anyone else have this problem? How do you deal with it without ending up feeling like you have so much to do and nothing ever gets done?

I suffer from this ‘affliction’ as well. While I don’t have a solution, I do try to remind myself of how self-mastery is really the most important thing, even more so than any particular idea you might have. One constructive thing I’ve started doing is my “Free Idea” blog posts… where I remind myself that the value of ideas is equal to the energy I put into them. If I’m not willing to make something real, the value of the idea (to me) approaches zero.

As for developing self mastery, building on micro-accomplishments is probably one great approach (but let me put my money & time where my mouth before I say anymore)