It’s no secret among my friends that I’m an absolutely huge fan of Facebook. On my most recent visit to the valley, I made sure to do a mini-pilgrimage, and snag some schwagg (a fancy Facebook water bottle!).

Today I decided to experiment with Facebook Flyers. DK Pictures is hiring a Web Designer, and I thought it’d be fun to target every person in Boston who listed “Web Design” as an interest. I left the default CPC (10 cents) and daily budget (5 bucks). I’ll post-back with the results of my experiment after I’ve given it a couple of weeks.

One interesting note: since we haven’t settled on a final domain name, I decided to use Google Pages to back my Facebook Flyer. Seems like a great combo, allowing any average-Joe to get his message out there.

By the way, if you are Boston-based Web Designer, why not get in touch with me about a very special opportunity?