Jeff Bezos Owns the Web in More Ways Than You Think


Levy: Two years ago, you bought Zappos. Was that an attempt to absorb their so-called culture of happiness and customer service?

Bezos: No, no, no. We like their unique culture, but we don't want that culture at Amazon. We like our culture, too. Our version of a perfect customer experience is one in which our customer doesn't want to talk to us. Every time a customer contacts us, we see it as a defect. I've been saying for many, many years, people should talk to their friends, not their merchants. And so we use all of our customer service information to find the root cause of any customer contact. What went wrong? Why did that person have to call? Why aren't they spending that time talking to their family instead of talking to us? How do we fix it? Zappos takes a completely different approach. You call them and ask them for a pizza, and they'll get out the Yellow Pages for you.

which culture and approach do you like better?

False dilemma :) I LOVE never talking to my merchants, but when I’m forced to, pizza seems like a great way to go!

But the best service is the one you never think about, so I’d much rather build the experience that silently resonates for the majority of my user-base, than the friendly-but-frequently-fallible cousin.