I’ve had a few months downtime since I left Boundless, and go figure, I decided to spend most of my time meeting and helping other entrepreneurs. You’d think I was hooked.

Well, I am, and so I’m excited to share that I’ve joined Venrock as a Vice President in the Cambridge office, working locally with Mike Tyrrell, to help make more investments in the Boston ecosystem.

I first met team Venrock when they invested in our Series A at Boundless; Mike joined our board, and it’s been great getting to know him over the past year or so -  I jokingly called him the “rock”: Mike is a stable, no non-sense, straight-shooter with deep experience, so when he offered me the opportunity to join team Venrock I considered it seriously. After thinking about the role, and meeting the rest of the investment team, I was blown away by the degree of aggregated-smarts - and totally convinced.

Ultimately, I love people, ideas, technology and learning - so I can’t think of a better way to combine my passions than a job that enables me to meet smart entrepreneurs, learn about the their big ideas & novel technology, with the added bonus that perhaps Venrock can help them realize their vision for change.

Win/win/win… so:

Dear Boston Entrepreneurs,

     I’m really looking forward to working with you! If nothing else, I pride myself on being approachable and helpful. Let’s think big, and do great things together! 

- Aaron
[email protected]