Just got World of Warcraft today. Want to learn more about this stuff. Never played before. Wish me luck and please send me some (easy/basic) tips !


I applaud Bijan for taking the plunge! (Awesome!)

It reminds me though that it’s becoming increasingly hard for me to explain internet culture to those who aren’t already completely immersed in it. For the ‘older’ crowd, convincing them of the utility and culture of blogging, Facebook, RSS, etc etc, is approaching impossible. “Why would I want to share my data on Facebook?!” It’s hard to explain: it just is the way people are doing things right now, and if you want to have your finger on the pulse this net generation, you very may well need to fake it till you make it.

Even if you do fake it, it’s hardly sufficient. Unless all your friends use Facebook, you can’t grasp the power of the news-feed and how it’s now part of my daily routine. So what are we to do? I don’t think it’s fair to just 'give up’, but the net is creating a massive cultural gap that only gets harder to cross unless you cross it RIGHT NOW.

So while I’m not saying “jump now on every bandwagon” to everyone, if you are involved with the internet and the internet generation, please please please TRY new things, don’t scoff, try to learn the norms, and with-hold judgement until the end. Let someone show you the ropes. We don’t want you left behind, we want you to be a part of it, and you will need to be open-minded to the BIG differences you’ll find between your norms, and the internet’s norms.

 The internet is moving fast, the value you extract from it is related to not just your present effort in experimenting with it, but the length of time you are involved with it. Keep an open mind, and be prepared for some cultural shock. That shock is important so pay attention to it. As applications become more social, the 'culture’ of a site may be as motivating (or more so) than the more traditional 'value’ a service provides.

 So do not wait. Go level to 70 (or at least 20). Try integrating Facebook into your routine. Switch to Gmail. Try not using a landline ever again. Rent a movie through Xbox! 

What are you doing, get going!