Here is a great list of Kindle complaints coming from Cassandra:

I do have some problems with e-books (these are aimed specifically at the Kindle because that’s the one we have at home and I haven’t used any others):

+ eInk can’t be backlit, thus making the books hard to read in many settings.

+ It’s hard to share your copy, unless you want to share your reader.

+ From what I’ve seen from our Kindle, few pictures render well as yet. This makes me sad – what are many books without pictures, illustrations, or diagrams? I hope that’s resolved soon.

+ The largest print setting still isn’t large enough or able to be of high enough contrast for the sight-impaired.

+ I love the smell of books. Can we get scent cartridges on our readers, please?

+ I often read in bed, falling asleep while doing so. I’m not afraid of dropping books, but I am wary of the Kindle dropping three feet onto a hard floor – particularly repeatedly.

+ The inability to gift Kindle books makes baby Jesus cry at Xmas.

+ If you lose, damage, or have your reader stolen, everything can be re-downloaded. However, the unit has to first be repurchased again, at a rather whopping sum. Whereas, entire book collections aren’t often lost with the need of replacement, so $359 for a lost unit versus $25 for a lost hardback book.

+ There is currently no way to reliably cite material in a Kindle book due to the different structuring of ebooks versus print books (particularly because of font size changes). Page numbers from print editions aren’t included, but ought to be for that purpose.

Other than those leetle, teeny-tiny issues, we <3 the Kindle here in my home. :)

Great list, thanks! I hope Kv2 can address some of these. I’m willing to wait for v3 for the smell cartridge ;-)

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