While wandering through my high school's gymnasium, I stumbled upon Steve Jobs setting up for Macworld ‘08. I politely said hello, and he nodded back. I started to walk away, but he offered me a seat next to him since he had time to kill before his presentation.

He had long dreadlocks, and a braided-Moses beard. His dreads and braids were alternatively dyed deep black and florescent green. He looked as though a Raver, one of the Beatles, and Jesus walked into a room and formed a terrible compromise by committee.

He could barely contain himself, and decided to give me a sneak preview of his latest invention: a new internet communication / music device that was always connected to the cloud, and that could transform into new shapes via a series of complicated, but elegant handmovements.

The crowd went nuts while I awoke, ate some yogurt, and headed off to work.