Had an interesting weekend and I’m reminded of how different the future is going to be (or already is?)

 We’ve all set around with our friends and asked “You know that actor, who was in that movie? What’s his name?” Each person struggles to remember seeing who can come up first wit the answer. 

 Our group of mobile-internet-enabled friends, however, takes a deep breath, and somebody pulls up IMDB.com to provide the answer, because it is there. We’re trying to train ourselves for the always-connected future, and man is it hard. 

 What does it mean for conversation when all factual questions are answered by your cellphone politely interrupting with the answer?

 I hate doing laundry, cooking, and cleaning, because I feel it somehow pulls me away from where I can really impact society: with my mind, not my self-sustaining labor. (I understand some people find it cathartic and grounding, it’s just not for me!) Does always having the internet available speed up the conversation by providing the answers for factual questions, freeing us to think about things that don’t yet have answers?

Or will it remove our curiosity? 

 I’m betting it frees us up to think about “next things”, though I think I can at least appreciate people’s fear of the coming change.