Andrew writes about his use of the “Lazy Web” (that is, instead of a manual Google search, tossing a question onto the web, in hopes of receiving an answer from a human being. The more connections on the web you have, the more likely a Lazy Web search will be fruitful). I’ve used the first two channels he mentions, blog & Twitter, but was unaware of the third:

via thegongshow:

3. Aardvark. I’ve only been using this last one a little bit, but it’s interesting. It’s an IM-based service that routes a lazy web question to a stranger with domain expertise in the topic of your question.  So, if you ask, “where’s the best BBQ joint in NYC” that question will get routed to someone who is an expert in BBQ or NYC.

Aardvark sounds like a fantastic idea. I’m curious if they have any plans to build up an objective social currency, it seems like a natural fit.