Fine, I’ll weigh in: I think the Air is great, and it’s not for me (now)

I believe in the wireless world, and can’t be bothered with complaints about lack of connections. The Air is for quick & light traveling, are you really bringing a keyboard with you if thats your concern? When you are home, if you can afford the Air, you can afford bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

Limited RAM, HD & processor preclude this device from ‘serious’ work like movie editing and development, but again, this is the ultra mobile-top. Think chat/email/safari. Seems expensive, but fine for those purposes.

It’s a sub-notebook for chrissakes! It’s between the iPhone & the Macbook. It’s less portable but more functional than the iPhone, and it’s more portable and less functional than the Macbook. It fits a niche, we just don’t know how many people fit in that niche.

Or, if you’re a cynic, maybe the Air is Apple’s first piece of electronic jewelry. 3lbs = 6,803 carats! That ought to attract a mate.