After I ran Boston earlier this year, I had a misplaced sense of entitlement with respect to my eating; every burrito, peanut M&M, glass of beer, or pizza was a friend of mine.

Marathon morning:

  • 155 lb.
  • < 10% body-fat

Several months of bad habits:

  • 167 lb.
  • ~16% body-fat

I gained 12 lbs. of fat! (admittedly, I had a lot of fun doing it)

I decided to correct this, and since I’m a fan of going all-in, I opted for what is perhaps the most difficult of ‘modern’ diets: the Paleo diet. For those who are unfamiliar, it’s an all-you-can-eat diet of unprocessed lean meats, vegetables, nuts, and fruit. Dairy, grains, beans, sugars, added salt, and anything processed is strictly forbidden. The theory is that our bodies spent millions of years evolving to properly digest pre-agricultural foods, and we are not well adjusted to modern fare (dairy, grains, etc).

It’s a very difficult diet requiring lots of preparation, awareness, and sacrifice. In return, I found it to produce spectacular results.

One month eating Paleo, with no increase to my exercise volume:

  • 157 lb.
  • < 12% body-fat

In addition to drastically altering my body-composition for the better, I have what feels like limitless energy throughout the day, and have gone from being an intermittent insomniac to sleeping like a rock, and dreaming vividly every night.

It is by no means an easy diet, though it is absolutely a natural diet, one I believe deserves serious consideration for its realization that our modern diet is in fact very young, and largely happenstance. 

Over the next few months, I’ll be ratcheting up exercise as I prepare for my 6-month birthday fitness-goal, “Christian Bale by 30”. (This one, not this one!)

* PS: I should note I’ve allowed a few cheats & leniencies on this diet. Dining out would be impossible otherwise. Still, I’ve kept to the spirit or the letter of the diet far more often than not.