Our Web is Fertile

The web went “Social” last year, and in a big way. This means that the next round of influencers won’t be technologists, but instead social organizers.

With the new social fabric & norms now in place, we can amplify any social behavior to involve millions. 

Know someone who is great at rallying people into a game, a night out, or some other activity? That person’s stock has skyrocketed; they are the ones who are going to make the most interesting sites & experiences on the new social web.

They will take the everyday & the familiar, and translate the experience online. If they can motivate their day to day friends to action in someway, they will be able to motivate thousands more like minded individuals online.

So what day-to-day human behavior can you bring to the web? If it’s engaging for a few, the odds are that on the web it’ll be engaging for many many more.