(pictured above: my lunch box for tomorrow. Does not include 4egg/beans/bagel breakfast, cottage cheese + yogurt snack, nor dinner)

I’ve been accused of being pudgy, now I’m railed for being too skinny.

Time to correct this.

When I last wrote about self-discipline, I shared my workout regime and new dietary habits. My approach to healthier living has morphed over time; I incorporated three nights of rock climbing into my routine, scaled back weight lifting a bit, and have been training for a half-marathon this May. I’ve gained a lot of strength & endurance, while losing a great deal of fat (I went from 175 lbs. w/ 21% body fat down to 155 lbs. and 12% fat)

This weekend, I took stock of my diet and discovered (no surprise?) an incredible caloric deficiency: given my level of activity, my well-planned lean-diet of only 1600 calories/day is nowhere near enough to pack on new, lean muscle-mass while still continuing to uncover these muscles called ‘abs’ (I had no idea everybody has these…)

Today, I did a great deal of math, some shopping, and a lot of planning. My new diet has been adjusted up to a whopping 3200 calories/day. Ironically, this is going to take even more dietary discipline just to consume this many healthy calories (fun fact: I’ll need to DRINK olive-oil several times a day to achieve this)

I look forward to sharing my progress in about a month’s time.