When the next revision of the Kindle launches, we are no longer buying physical books. We will try to go 100% digital for a year, and see how it suits us.

 i would try this…  but i really just like the physical feel of a book or magazine or something not digital. 

Sara and I talk about this a lot. LOVE the Kindle, but there’s nothing like holding an actual book.

While I think the kindle is an interesting concept, I too want hardcopies of books.  They feel different, and I like that.

I love physical books as well, so much so, that I place no budget restrictions on my book spending, and have filled many bookcases.

The Kindle (and a handful of other e-readers) should not be discounted due to being ‘digital’ in nature. Seeing the screen in person gives you a vastly different experience than staring at the best LCD screen. The Kindle does, in fact, read as easy on the eyes as paper. Obviously, if you’re a book-fiend, there is a point at which it is far more environmentally friendly as well.

I solemnly swear to post the results of my experiment once I am a few months into it. It should be interesting to see if the Kindle can replace physical books, not only in function, but in the 'romantic’ sense as well.