Rock the Defaults

I rarely, and only after soul-wrenching turmoil, change the default settings on installed software. Further, I use pre-installed or native applications with extreme prejudice. I rock Safari, Mail, iChat, all in default mode, and love every second of it. My life is in iCal & Address book. I’m not exactly sure what terminal shell I use, but I guarantee you it’s the default one. Unsurprisingly, my primary screen’s background is the default Leopard background (that cool outer-space one). Being that I am computer-savvy, this greatly annoys my other computer-savvy friends.

However, rocking the defaults has its advantages:

  • This keeps me in touch with the average person’s computer experience.
  • It makes my life far more portable between computers, and between OS installations / catastrophes.
  • It forces me painfully live through, and thus internalize, all the poor choices software engineers and designers can make, (hopefully?) helping me avoid making similar mistakes.

I guess I just like to savor the software zeitgeist on my tongue. Anyone else have any bizarrely self-juxtaposed behavior?