Saturn Comes Back Around

“May you live to 120”  - an old, Jewish phrase.

I’ve learned a lot from my Grandfather, a man who has worn many hats: father & husband, navy man, cartoonist, businessmen, astrologer, and teacher.

During our family’s Passover Seder, we talked about the different phases of life. I told him that this past year was personally transformative; that I actually began to identify myself as an adult (despite how scary that may seem)

He reminded me that the ages of 28-30 hold astrological significance: it marks the first return of Saturn in one’s life. It is thought of as a milestone, a time for re-evaluation, and a major rite of passage.

The second return of Saturn occurs around age 60, and the third near 88. If you lived to be 120, you’d have experienced four full cycles of Saturn during your lifetime.

Whether spurred by birthdays, social events, professional milestones, or the motion of planets, taking the time deeply reflect on the arc of your life, outlook & personality is the most important self-investment you can make.

Here’s to adulthood.