I’ve developed an allergy to the term “social media”. When I first started exploring the Boston tech-scene, I expected to meet entrepreneurs, web geeks, and developers. Boston did not disappoint! 

I was also lucky to expand my network to include marketers, PR professionals, and “social media” mavens. Exceptionally smart, tech-savvy people.

However, the term “social media” itself has begun to lose all meaning for me. It’s meant highlight the new, peer-generated and consumed content, and the increasing real-person to real-person dialogue that’s happening on the internet, between businesses and individuals alike.

Sadly, I can’t read a blog or tweet-stream without this term appearing. It’s overuse knows no limits. Maybe it’s because I’m at the center of the echo-chamber that I can’t help but ask:

Why all this gratuitous talking about people talking? Let’s just get back to the talking!