Igor StravinskyListened to the “Musical Language” episode of the awesome Radio Lab WNYC podcast. 

  The second section of the episode covers Igor Stravinsky’s public premiere of the highly dissonant “Rite of Spring”; It caused a riot. I think it’d be more accurate to say it caused a mosh-pit.

“If Stravinsky’s stated intention was "to send them all to hell”, then he may have rated the 1913 première of Le sacre du printemps as a success: it is among the most famous classical music riots" - Wikipedia 

Apparently, when the brain hears sounds that are so foreign, it induces something approaching schizophrenia in the listener. Only after we are more acclimated to the new sounds, can we hear them for what they really are, and uncover the melodies.

This explains the progressive-tech-metal that my brother Dean (lead guitarist of Iridescent Exposure) writes & plays for energetic audiences. It has been slowly growing on me, and now it’s been put into new light: he’s pushing my ear & brain in the grand tradition of moving art and culture forward by challenging people and their stubborn neurons.

What’ll kids think of next?