It’s a busy weekend, with a lot of events. So, I reserved a small stretch of this Saturday’s afternoon for errands, which included a haircut. I called at 3:45 to schedule an appointment, they told me to show up at 4. When I showed up, I was  asked to wait a ‘bit’ which turned into 20 minutes.

Generally speaking (feel free to disagree in the comments) I’m a nice guy, so it was very out of character for me when I decided to call the receptionist out on this 'error’ (catching her in a lie as well). I decided to hold off really digging in, because I was reluctant to be mean and I still needed a haircut.

OF COURSE, when I was finally 'under the clippers’ and talking away, the receptionist jumps into the conversation, when she heard I’d be celebrating a friends birthday party at the same club she and her friends will be at tonight.

The moral of the afternoon: you just can’t afford to be angry at people. They’ll always show up again. Today, though, I had wished that wasn’t the case.