The Value of Books?

Even before I had a budget, it had a loophole: I was free to spend as much as I wanted on books so long as I read them. Fast forward: I have a wide knowledge base, and a lot of books.

My concern is that as a child of a digital world and a consumer culture, I see books as “power-ups” (and I truly mean that in the Super Mario sense). Once read, I’m enhanced, and all practical value is extracted from the text. Those books then become drained-husks rotting on my shelves, and burdening me during moves.

I lend, but in my heart-of-hearts I know the lion’s share will never be read again. The time it would take to find a new owner is simply too costly. 

In August, I committed myself to our e-book future. So when the Kindle2 is announced, I’m ready. Moreover, I’m excited that the mechanics of e-books more closely reflects the “power mushroom” nature of books.

I’m ready to be freed of my material guilt.