Truncating your blog’s content in your RSS feed is dumb & aggravating. I appreciate that as an author, you are looking to monetize your site & can only do so by actually driving traffic to it, and while I support your war, you’ve made a tactical error if you think truncation will help. It won’t. What it does do is cause any number of your readers to skip past whatever post you’ve written while triaging their RSS news. And in inconveniencing them, you’re likely to lose mind share, page views, and incoming links. (If you truncate, but aren’t concerned about advertising, you have no excuse whatsoever)

The web is going to have to reconcile page views & advertising against the convenience of RSS. The bigger sites (you know, the ones actually making money from blogging) realize this, and have acted. You’ll see ads mixed in, ads at the bottom, sponsored postings, sponsor wrap-ups etc.

Why smaller blogs think they’ll be able to get away with putting the ‘advertising exposure onus’ on their readers is beyond me.