Earlier today I posted Free Idea #3, which was about two things: first, that it’d be great if Tumblr encouraged a reading workflow that exposed you to the custom styles of the tumblogs you followed, and second, that RSS readers in general would be better if they loaded the entry links in full-browser glory.

Today is my lucky day! (Yours too, unless you started working on those ideas right away, in which case I apologize)  

Turns out Rod Knowlton (toldorknown.com) created a Firefox/Greasemonkey script that let’s you catch up on your tumblr news by flipping through users’ full sites, instead of reading posts in the style-deficient dashboard. Cool! I think the Tumblords should play around with this a bit, and see if it can be adapted for all Tumblstars.

Second, Cameron Hunt (cameron.io) linked me to a NetNewsWire style that shows RSS entries by opening the linked content, in full browser glory. Bingo!

So, I’m going to call a ‘mulligan’ on today’s Free Idea… thanks to Rod & Cameron for the great links, hope others find them fun & useful.