UP is children’s story about an introverted boy who meets an outgoing an adventurous young girl. The two grow up together and eventually marry. They share a love for kids; she works as a photographer, and he a balloonist, at the zoo. Their bond is carefree and loving.

When they try to conceive a child of their own, the wife is sadly diagnosed as infertile. Instead of adopting, they save their meager earnings for travel and adventure, however, life’s unexpected calamities prevents them from pocketing enough. When the now-greying husband finally manages to purchase vacation tickets to surprise his wife with, we learn that she has been diagnosed with a soon-to-be-fatal cancer, and hospitalized.

The widowed old man settles into a lonely routine. His few social interactions involve keeping businessman an contractors from taking his home and demolishing it to make way for the modern jungle around him. While protecting the pieces of home that remind him of his late-wife, he accidentally injures one of the contractors. Summoned to court, the old man is labeled a menace, and ordered to move into a retirement community.

Real UPlifting story, eh?

Thankfully these first 10 minutes end, and after you’ve smeared the tears off your face, the rest of the movie is a lighter and enjoyable, though not without more heartbreak & adult themes (murder, abandonment by a father, etc).

Two thumbs up.