I’m going to float a wacky idea that I came up with at lunch today. It sharply divided the DK Pictures offices. Obviously, I happen to think it could work…. maybe in NYC? You be the judge, and let me know… or feel free to build it, and I’ll be the first customer at your grand opening.

Veto’s Cafe:

At Veto’s, you don’t decide what you eat for lunch, we do. Loyal customers will be granted certain privileges, in the form of vetos, allowing them to exclude certain foods, but that’s it.

Let me break down how Veto’s works. You walk in, you pay us your $8 dollars, and we decide what you eat for lunch today (a computer might help, or it may be left to the whim of the zany staff). We tell you what you’re eating, we make it, and you get it. You are welcome to trade subs with your fellow diners (if you’re nice enough). After each purchase, you receive a veto point, perhaps saved up on a frequent Veto’s diner card. At any subsequent visit, you may deduct veto points to exclude a type of food (“No tomatoes, no beef”).

I think this takes a lot of indecision out of lunch, and with the an extensive enough menu, might even expose you to some new options you hadn’t considered. If the paradox of choice at a well-stocked lunch shop is the problem, Veto’s is the answer… Less psychologically-stressing choice is allowed, via the veto points mechanism. 

I think this has some value. You are welcome to disagree loudly ;-)

(Disclaimer: I never have, nor never will, operate a restaurant. This advice is offered for entertainment purposes only, EVEN THOUGH I CAN ASSURE YOU IT’D BE A SUCCESS)

(Edit: Following the great advice of Rob, I’ve renamed it Veto’s Cafe, instead of Veto’s Sub Shop)