We did it! This morning I completed my first half-marathon with two great friends; official time: 2:03:11. (Check out the RunKeeper map, including mile by mile time splits, here)

Unsurprisingly, I’m very excited about the accomplishment (especially considering how I lurched my way through a 5k this past Thanksgiving)

A few fun things I’d like to highlight:

First, RunKeeper is a fantastic iPhone app & site. I tracked the majority of my outdoor runs, and got great insight into my pace which helped motivate consistency in my training. Early on into this endeavor, the RK development team rolled out Twitter integration, which tweeted every run on completion.

Thanks to the tweet feature, my friend Carla (left) was inspired to join in the training; we had some truly epic runs together! Also, my long-time friend Casey (right) was roped into the race in the eleventh hour. The power of social technology!

So when I say we did it, I’d like to thank Carla, Casey, and RunKeeper! Great race, gang, heres to the next!