When I get to know someone, I make it a point to identify their superpower: what’s the one thing they truly excel at? And once you know someone’s singular, superlative-strength, great things can happen! Over the past few years, I’ve met and worked with some exceptional people. I’d like to share a few super-hero friends/colleagues & their powers with you:

Ariel Diaz: Vision

Ariel has strong, detailed, and vivid visions of how the world ought to be. This gives him exceptional perspective on what can-be, should-be, and what it will take to get there.

Brian Balfour: Insight

Brian has the uncanny ability to both actively and passively ingest large amounts of data, reflect privately for a while, and then drop some serious insight bombs that are truly mind-blowing.

Christopher O'Donnell: Product

Is there someone in Boston who is the spiritual successor to Steve Jobs? Tough to say, but if you asked me to cast my vote, I’d hand it too happily to Christopher. His no-BS, this-is-exactly-what-we-need-to attitude makes him a phenomenal product person

Patrick Campbell: Execution

The youngest in this list, Patrick’s ability to STFU and GSD is inspiring. This guy just cranks, unabashedly and without hesitation. 

Chris Keller: Networking

Ever wonder how to network to someone who is important to you? Chances are Chris Keller already knows them, hang/vacations with them, and is more than ready to make a friendly intro; he’s the best startup-connector I know.

Nick Ducoff: Management

TIme and time again, Nick has show the team at Boundless what exceptional management is truly about: recruiting, nurturing, planning & delivering. I can’t imagine building our company without him.

Matt Hodgson: Making Stuff

Matt can build anything, and build it well. He sees past the nuance, past the unimportant, and cuts straight to the core of how software should be made. This allows him to skip to the chase on construction, and lead a team to conquering the heart of a problem, producing beautiful results along the way.


What’s your superpower? What are those of your closest colleagues & friends? It’s worth answering explicitly for every exceptional person that you meet.