Wrangling SaaS, Blissfully

Wrangling SaaS, Blissfully

I apologize for my long-quiet. I stealthily moved to NYC (surprise!) and have been heads down for some time building “the new thing.”

Return co-founder Ariel Diaz & I uncovered an opportunity, raised a round from superlative investors (juicy details below), assembled the team, and built a product. So, what’s the thing?

(Blissfully is the big thing)

The whole of modern work is moving to the cloud, moving to thousands of individual apps & services forming different nodes in the great internet-brain that lets us do that work better, faster, and with less frustration.

This is the era of SaaS.

Now, every individual in your organization is a decision maker, from how they do their job, and to an increasing extent, the tools they choose to do it. The consumerization of IT is not just phones & laptop; it’s individuals discovering, adopting, and leveraging best-of-breed tools marketed to them, their department, their niche, and even themselves.

This is fantastic! Yes!

This has elements of fresh hell! Also yes!

Trading the integrated cathedral of traditional IT, for the bottoms-up bazaar of loosely-coupled SaaS, brings a whole new set of concerns:

  • With more software than ever before, do we know all our options?
  • When evaluating those, do we have the necessary insight?
  • With so many of those vendors continually adopted into our org, do we know what we depend upon?
  • Are we integrating those products smartly? At all?
  • And, how well are we managing this new complexity?

As if we didn’t have enough things to track & sift through instead of doing what we should be doing.

This trend isn’t abating, it’s accelerating, and that got us thinking. Could we automate the mundane, humanize the complex, and proactively deliver insight?

We think so; therefore we built Blissfully.com

Blissfully installs in under a minute, immediately showing you all the SaaS products your company uses, pays for, and stores data in.

First, Blissfully provides awareness (and a pun, all good companies involve puns, amirite Stewart Butterfield?)

In the minute after installation, you won’t be worrying about the big picture. It’s there for you, keeping itself up to date, forever. Here’s what you’re using, what you’re paying, and this is who’s involved. Sorted.

Now that manual vendor tracking is out of the way, let the automation begin!

Are you wasting money on tools for employees who are no longer even there? Have too many relationships with the same vendor? Could save money by changing plans? Need intel on negotiating better? Wish invoice receipts were “magnetized” to a single place? Need help understanding what all these vendors are? Tada! We’ve got all that.

And what about your company’s data exposure all over the web? Blissfully helps aggregate & navigate, proactively pushing critical information to the right people when the need arises. Blissfully strives to be reserved, self-assuredly, proactively-helpful.

Because our big-big-vision is simple: If you had someone who knew your organization’s tooling inside & out, knew all the products in the world inside & out, and proactively helped people throughout your org do even better, that’d be pretty special.

That’s what we’re doing — we’re building & automating that kind of insight & intelligence.

Our hands are full, we’ve got lots to do, and we find this so, so exciting. I hope you find it exciting, too. And if you do, Blissfully accepts applications to join our early access: http://www.blissfully.com

Great Vision, Aaron [thanks!]. How ‘Bout That Team?

I’m thrilled to be building Blissfully with incredibly smart, hard working people.

First, my co-founder Ariel Diaz, with whom I started Boundless.com years ago. We’ve grayed (read: learned) more, collected fresh chips on our shoulders, and working to make fetch a thing, come hell or high water.

Second, our early development team is fantastically capable.

Third, we’ve assembled a who’s who of high-energy, high-acumen founder-investors & founder-angels.

Eric Paley, partner Founder Collective, returns to work with Ariel & me for a second time around, leading the round. I wouldn’t “board-room” without him.

And we’re lucky to have assembled a group of angels that would make any dinner party truly stellar:

Collectively, we catalyzed for Blissfully’s $1.5MM seed round, to earnestly begin building. We’re head-quartered in NYC, with an office in BOS.

We’re ready to rock, and we’ve got lots to do.

(And we’re looking for those who want to help us do it)