you never hear 20-year-olds talking about information overload because they understand the filters they’re given. You only hear, you know, forty- and fifty-year-olds taking about it, sixty-year-olds talking about because we grew up in the world of card catalogs and TV Guide. And now, all the filters we’re used to are broken and we’d like to blame it on the environment instead of admitting that we’re just, you know, we just don’t understand what’s going on

Clay Shirky (via Scott Heiferman) (via betaworks)

This paints the picture I want to believe. However, a lot of our computing and filtering technologies were, and are, both cryptic and inaccessible, even to the twenty-somethings. Thats the fault of a few visionary older-folks, and a whole slew of other 20-year-olds. If there are people out there who are confused, that’s an opportunity. I’d rather we capitalized on that than let them stew.