Last night news broke of Zynga scoring a huge new investment of $180 million more dollars… from the same Russian Venture firm, DST, that invested $200 million dollars in Facebook earlier this year.

Conflict of interest, anyone?

The incentives are actually well aligned to make everyone money. It wouldn’t benefit facebook to make a decision that helps zynga but hurts the platform.

Agreed.. meaning it doesn’t help Facebook to have common investors w/ Zynga, only the other way around.

As far as secrets, clearly that needs to be managed by all parties. Tipjoy shared investors with Twitter and built tools on top of twitter. It was really beneficial at times, and at other times we didn’t say certain things. That was a small minority of cases with critical information between the two companies. Overall, it didn’t impact either company.

The scale of this is far larger. Zynga is printing an insane amount of  money, so any threat to that on scale, oh, say 30%?, is a ‘big deal’.

Again, I get what Zynga has to gain. In the worst case, it’s neutral for them. In the 'best’ case (read: evil), Facebook might play favorites.

But for Facebook, the best case for them & their ecosystem is neutral, any pull away from that, even ever so slightly, is really a negative.

My point was this isn’t in Facebook’s interest (or its ecosystem). So were I Zuck, and DST was informing me of this, I’d give serious pause. I just don’t see what FB stands to gain that they weren’t already capable of, and already accomplishing.